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We are currently downsizing our young breeding stock. We are breaking two
impressive three year old foals of GOLD COAST and we want to scale down
the number of foals we produce. The oldest filly of GOLD COAST, a four
year old filly out of a thoroughbred mare, is in southern California with
well known trainer Susie Hutchison. This filly has shown a lot of talent
in the jumping field. Our young stock, which is all by GOLD COAST, should be
promising for the jumper and dressage fields.


Bay gelding by GOLD COAST and out of a Dutch warmblood mare that retired
from a very successful jumping career. This guy was born in late summer so
he seems small but he should mature large as both parents are around 17

Near black filly by GOLD COAST out of a Thoroughbred (Hand in Glove) X
Hannoverian mare. This filly is very self assured and will also be large
with good movement. She may be an excellent jumper.


EOWYN is a flashy bay filly by GOLD COAST and out of a beautiful
thoroughbred mare. She is tall and built lighter and more like a
thoroughbred. She’s a possible hunter candidate along with dressage and
jumper capabilities too.                               

TOSCA is a dark bay filly by GOLD COAST and out of a Holsteiner mare. If
she is not sold before we ride her I hope to make a really good dressage
horse out of her. Her movement is great, but with her breeding she could
probably jump. She is more compact than EOWYN and shows more warmblood



Evan 001.jpg (161303 bytes)evan 009.jpg (174383 bytes)
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    We have been enjoying our work with Evan and he is accepting a rider
consistently as well as working to develop his muscles with longing
and free jumping.
    On the jumping front he is doing well. He seems fearless in that he
will jump anything new or strange without a lot of fuss. We haven’t
had an opportunity to test his scope very much but the one time we had
a larger arena he leapt over 3’6” without any apparent effort. Soon we
will test him again. It is a good experience for him as we trailer him
out to a local arena.
    Evan is a powerful and correct mover that still suggests he would make
a good dressage prospect as well. We will be producing a video soon so
that buyers can see how nice he is. Of course with his bright chestnut
coat, white sox and blaze and the cute snowflake like white spots on
his body (he has NO appaloosa) he is an eyecatcher too.       


BELLES AND WHISTLES, sport pony deluxe!  By the Connemara Stallion, Stonybrooks Curragh Kildare, and out of a POA/Draft type mare, "Sky" has the best of all worlds:  Great Movement, Mind and Build.  Currently 13.1hh, and should stay a medium, she is registered with both the ACPS as well as POAC.  She is being lightly started undersaddle, and has a laid back, been-there-done-that attitude.  

                Offered at $4,500.


This fall and winter I will probably be open to offers as Kirstin is off
to college and we have less ability to work with the young stock. I will
probably scale back to breeding only for myself at least until there are
better venues for horse sales in this part of California.


and of course, we just might know where the horse of your dreams is lurking....feel free to e-mail us with a description!  kathyyhf@sonic.net


This page last updated on February 8, 2007